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The Cegesoma site has a new look!

A new site, but what has changed?

After operating for several years with a classic website, CegeSoma has decided to convert it into a new, more user-friendly and dynamic site based on three distinct themes: World War I, World War II and War & Society.

In addition to this new focus, the new site concentrates on the richness of the institution's archival collections, interviews and images without forgetting the other sites that promote and display the collections of CegeSoma and the State Archives.

Through this change, we hope to offer more personalized support for those visiting the site in responding to their questions and permitting them to discover and rediscover the archives of Cegesoma.

The web address has not changed : https://www.cegesoma.be/

You will soon be able to find a form on the site that will allow you to give us feedback and comments in regard to navigation.

Enjoy your research !